ESS: Stanbic Mwamba II take on Nondies II

Stanbic Mwamba II will play Nondies II in an Eric Shirley Shield match at Jamhuri Showgrounds starting at 2.00 pm on Saturday.

The squad on duty will comprise Wycliffe Muema Desmond Alvin and Alfred Yuko in the front row with Paul Wahome and Mike Okello in the locks. The back row  combination will be made up of Louis Kisia, Barnabas Okiri and Mike Okwaro.

In the back line, Charles Chege will pair up with Brian Mwangi in the half backs while Norman Nandabi and Sabala Tendwa do battle in the midfield. Fred Nachio, Alviko Luvai and Meshack Obota complete the back three.

Full squad:


1. Wycliffe Muema
2. Desmond Alvin
3. Alfred Yuko
4. Paul Wahome
5. Mike Okello
6. Louis Kisia
7. Barnabas Okwiri
8. Mark Okwaro
9. Charles Chege
10. Brian Mwangi
11. Alviko Luvai
12. Norman Nandabi
13. Mellegy Tendwa
14. Freddie Nyachio
15. Meshack Obote
16. Samuel Njoroge
17. Peter Miano
18. Samuel Mulili
19. Ambrose Mbare
20. Collins Odhiambo
21. James Ochieng
22. Patrick Kluivert
23. Biko Masiva