Mwamba’s Louis Kisia Not About To Hang Boots Soon

Mwamba RFC’s Louis Kisia is one of the longest serving players at the club having joined the club over 11 years ago as a freshman out of Eldoret. He has played with three generations at the club and is still going strong.

Louis Kisia, a practicing public relations specialist at a dental clinic in the city, is definitely a club favourite. He joined us for an afternoon chat where he spoke about his love for the game, the club and his lowest moments in his career. Here is how our conversation went.

Mwamba Rugby: Good afternoon Louis…..

Louis Kisia: Good afternoon.

MR: How is the training going on?

LK: Training is going on well, I just resumed after a small break. I’m currently working on bulking up after losing some kilos during the sevens season.

MR: Ready for Impala Floodlit match against KCB RFC?

LK: Always ready, and hoping to give a good account despite the short time I have to been training. I’ve quite a journey to cover to be at par in terms of fitness with the rest of the pack.

MR: Well, you have been at Mwamba RFC for almost 10 years now?

LK: Mmmmmh, 11 years to be precise. A journey I never regret embarking on. Won some lost some and still going strong.

MR: Were you fresh from school when you joined Kulabu?

LK: Yes, as fresh as a fiddle… I joined Kulabu in December 2004, and played my first game that same month, the then Kasarani Sevens.

MR: How did you end up in a rugby pitch?

LK: Well having schooled at Hill Primary School in Eldoret, I was bound to play hockey having done that since Standard Five. I joined high school (St Anthony, Kitale) and the trend continued. But during my first school holiday in 2000, my brother introduced me to rugby and gave me a few tips about the sport. I went back to school introduced the sport to my fellow students and I never turned back.

MR: Why did you choose Mwamba RFC?

LK: It was Ben Weru , my then neighbor and former Mwamba player, who convinced me to join Kulabu. I had to turn down Edwin Alubaka’s request to join KCB. I guess he wasn’t as enticing as Weru was..hehe!

MR: You must have played with great players like Richmond Baraza, Quicks Nyakwaka, Mark Achola and the likes.  How did it feel as a rookie running out along such big name players?

LK: Well it’s always a privilege to play alongside all my teammates however big, small or unknown. But the likes of Richmond, Mark and Quicks were definitely a great inspiration to me especially in the forwards department showing me ABC of club rugby.

MR: As a back row, which individual opponent has been difficult to play against?

LK: This man Che Ekongo! Since back in the day when he played for KCB and later at Nakuru..huyu mtu ni stress..

MR: Do you ever imagine yourself in a different position?

LK: I actually started as a scrum half in high school, played at center for two seasons at Kulabu then moved to back row.

MR: Why do they call you Fathee?

LK: Again I’m a man of the people, I blend with all my teammates whether they are juniors, seniors or newcomers.  Back then as a young player who was easy to relate with everyone, I was known as BOIZ, “Mtu wa watu”. I guess with age it has now evolved to FATHEE hehehe!

MR: Which is the most memorable game you have played for Kulabu?

LK: Definitely Hima Makerere 10s in 2007 that was held in Kampala,Uganda. We won the title on our début outing. Oh my Kulabu!

MR: Worst game of your career?

LK: (Silence…) it was back in February 2012 during a Kenya Cup match against KCB at RFUEA Grounds. I had just replaced Humphrey Kayange who had gone into blood bin and my first touch of the ball, I got into the ruck and twisted my ankle so badly. It hurt. I had barely played the match. I was pulled off the pitch. I had to stay out of the pitch for bloody nine months. That was definitely my lowest point in my rugby career.

MR: You’ve been a constant fixture in the club’s sevens and XV squad for almost a decade now, how many more seasons before you hang up the boots?

LK: I always joke with my peers, that I will play until I’m 40. Hehe! When the time comes I will hang up, and quit while I’m still ahead…not any time soon though!

MR: Now let’s talk about that pass you made during the Plate semis against Kenya Harlequins, what was going through your mind when you made that chase against Frank Wanyama?

You just had to bring this it up! Man, the moment that ball left my hand and Frank picked it up I just knew I had given the game away. I tried chasing him but the boy got wheels. Next question please…

MR: What inspires you?

 LK: Success. I want to be top of the food chain be it on the rugby pitch, at the clinic or social, I give my best.

MR: Tell us three Kulabu players that you can have in your team any day….Like “My greatest Kulabu Players.”

LK: All my teammates are my guys but for this I’d say Chris Asego, Collins Injera and Joseph Oriwo. These guys give their all out on the pitch.

MR: Can you promise the Kulabu fans that this is going to be a good season for them?

LK: We will definitely give a better performance than last season. God speed.

MR: Wedding bells?

LK: Wueh!! Hopefully sooner than later.

MR: Advice to young players.

LK: Be yourself, peer pressure CHINI! Live and play according to your means. You know what I’m saying. Good things come to those who wait.

MR: R-Family!

LK: budaaaa..Kapedo


D.O.B 03/09/86
P.O.B Nairobi
HIGH SCHOOL: St Anthony’s Boys High School, Kitale

PROFFESION: PR & Marketing