ROSY: I have Quit Jobs To Play Rugby

Women rugby is not yet big in the country with the game having been incorporated in secondary schools games only this year, but to Rosehilda Kamanga, our Mwamba Ladies RFC captain, it’s been a near life long passion.
Fresh from hooking Kenya Lionesses to Elgon Cup victory, we caught up with her  for a quick chat…
Q:  At what age did you first become interested in Rugby?
I got interested in rugby in my primary school days, while watching my brother Kevin play in high school and later at KCB. I am much younger than him so frequently we would play on the streets of our estate, but at the time I never knew any rules, it was just the running and the hitting that I enjoyed.
Q: You have represented Kenya Lionesses in Elgon Cup. What was it like representing Kenya and winning the Cup?
Being selected was actually very big for me. I doubted my abilities as a rugby player but once I was selected for the first time, I gained confidence. Representing Kenya, is not a joke…that 40m+, can really make you nervous but it is  privilege to wear that jersey, many want to but may never get the chance. So i thank God for the Opportunity.Winning is just the icing on the cake,every winner feels great,
Q: What has been the greatest highlight of your career so far?
When i was selected to captain Mwamba Ladies.It may seem small but it is a great challenge, in its own way. I am not perfect, and most of my team members are very experienced, but they believed in me and that made me believe in myself more.Leadership is not easy, but i am up for the task.
Q. Who has been your biggest inspiration in your career?
My brother kevin has been a great inspiration, my family in general.My coaches Philipo and Mungiks too, my team members always also have a part to play in encouraging me to be better.
Q. Have you ever thought of giving up rugby?
Many at times, with the little and almost no income we get from the sport, I am put between a rock and a hard place. I have had to quit jobs just so that I could play rugby. Even now I am in search of one….(hehe).
Many employers do not understand or connect women and rugby.kulabu Rosie
Q What does your typical daily diet consist  of?
I eat more carbs during the day, I love sweet potatoes and they are readily available at home.My breakfast would be bread, sweet potaoes, and egg and milk. I also try to eat a boiled egg at least three times in the week.
My supper mostly consists of proteins, i try to avoid red meat but mostly i take beans, green grams and rice/ugali and sukuma mixed with spinach.
Q. What does a typical day’s training include?
Tuesdays and thursdays and saturdays are field days, we do lots of ball work and play games to help build our match fitness. Wedsdays and Saturdays are strength and conditioning days.
Q. What advice would you give to any young, aspiring Rugby Union player?
Its not easy, but it can be done.
Q. What next?
Still a few more years in training and playing, but my bigger picture is management of the women’s side of rugby. with Great leadership Women’s rugby in Kenya could be exemplary, proper management and guidance is what I want to give back to the sport.