Zen Cycle helps in injury management and rehabilitation

Mwamba Rugby has entered into a partnership with Zen Cycle to help in injury management and rehabilitation.

Some of the Bikes at Zen Cycles

Founded in November 2016, Zen Cycle is a fitness and wellness centre that combines indoor cycling, diet and dance for a healthy body. The Zen Cycle studio was built to balance both luxury and function and is stocked with everything you need to have the best experience possible. Zen Cycle offers one of the most effective and time efficient workouts in Nairobi.

According to Shamsi Mohammud, the operations manager, Zen Cycle is designed to motivate any fitness level. “Our dedicated instructors will push you to your limits to get you the results that you are looking for- so after every class you leave feeling like you’ve trained hard and loved every minute,” she said.

She explains that the fitness classes are always accompanied with music to push one to the limit in an enjoyable environment. “We love music and so our classes have been designed so that you ride to the beat of your favorite tunes. You’ll love our instructors and the incredible energy of the classes. We dim down the lights, so it feels like a party on a bike… but most of all to give you a personal experience so that you can zone out and really focus on yourself and your goals!” She added.

Spread over 4,700 square feet, the studio is the ultimate destination for one’s journey. It comprises of the  state of the art equipment, full-service changing rooms with showers, complimentary bike towel service, a juice and health food bar, Active-wear boutique that stocks Zen Cycle limited edition collections, and brands like Lorna Jane, Good hYOUman and Tokiboo.

Zen Cycle is just more than indoor cycling. According to Jemimah Musyoki,the accounts and HR manager,   it’s a place where one can come to workout, reach his or her fitness goals, stretch, or just enjoy a coffee (or even better a green juice) and catch up with friends. “We are here to support you, to understand your training needs, and to help you achieve them,” she said.

Zen Cycle has been helping with injury management and rehabilitation of a number of Mwamba Rugby players among them Paul Mukia, Eliakim Kichoi, Humphrey Kayange  and  Brad Owako. The club’s team manager Edwin Waita contends that the experience has helped in speeding up recovery in a managed manner.

“Cycling helps in strengthening weak or injured muscles in a safe and less risky manner. We’ve incorporated this in our return-to-play protocols and it has really helped as we’ve players getting fit and ready to play in a shorter time than before,” he said.

The  partnership between Zen Cycle and Mwamba Rugby will see the club promote the fitness centre’s products and services during matchday and at various avenues. Mwamba Rugby players will have access to high quality bikes for fitness and those injured will be able to undergo rehabilation at the centre.

Zen cycle is located on 3rd floor, The Pavilion, junction of Lower Kabete road and Brookside drive.

Sylivean Shivachi, an instructor at Zen Cyle, explains how it’s done.