FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK: We’re Bringing Back The Mwamba Experience At Railway Club

Dear Kulabu family,

It is a great  privilege and honour to write in this première edition of the Mwamba newsletter, which in itself is one of the many initiatives we’ve taken over the last few seasons to improve the Mwamba experience and move our club to many new levels.
In this particular regard, we’ve taken great strides in developing our own communication assets to keep the Mwamba family, both home and abroad, updated with developments at the club. Our website is up and running at, and our social media assets are now among the leading rugby social media sites from this part of the globe.

Other initiatives have involved improving the rugby infrastructure at our home ground, the Nairobi Railway Club, where, after nearly forty years of hosting us, had begun to show signs of wear and tear. So we’ve replanted grass on the pitch and brought back home the Kabeberi Sevens and our home fixtures in the Kenya Cup, Eric Shirley and Nationwide Leagues.
We’ve also repaired the bleachers and made them comfortable once again for our fans and installed a score board so that we no longer have to answer the perennial question asked by everyone who arrives late at a Mwamba home match: “What’s the score?”

It’s been a great pleasure to see the Mwamba community, our fans and their families returning to the Kulabu on Saturday afternoons and cheering on our teams as they enjoy refreshments provided by another initiative with the Railway Club bar to bring out refreshments to the bleachers.

Another notable initiative has been the revival of Pebbles or “Pebos” as our age-grade programme is popularly known, with the support of our partners at the Centre for Multi Party Democracy (CMD-Kenya) . This programme has been extremely successful, with many of our young players winning scholarships to top rugby schools around the country, many making their way into our development squads and some receiving call-ups to tour with national age-grade teams.

But the most significant initiative has been the change in our governance structures, including our constitution, which has been developed not only to comply with the requirements of the government’s new Sports Act, but also designed to make sure the long-term future of our club. We should start seeing some of the benefits of these structures in the days and weeks to come.

And so we look forward to building a better rugby club all round as we progress the ideals against which this great club was founded.

Alvas Onguru
Mwamba Rugby Football Club